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Lets´s start the week with Hammersonic Pics PT2! Our photographer Hendisgorge was elbowing his way in the intense crowds, fighting the heavy rain and his own urge to ditch the camera and join the moshpit. We´re glad he did because then we can give our metal rebels some top notch shots from Indonesias biggest metal festival.

In our exclusive TMR feature HAMMERSONIC PICS PT2 we publish smoking hot pics from the Soul Of Steel Stage, with new smart events like Meet The Agency and smashing performs by local Indonesian bands like JASAD, BURGERKILL, NOXA, KOIL, DEADVERTICAL, DIVINE, SERIGALA MALAM, EXTREME DECAY.

Next up is Pics PT3 featuring pics of the international bands Like Gorgoroth, Asking Alexandria, Suffocation, Walls Of Jericho, Darkest Hour etc – tearing down the bigger Hammer & Sonic Stages, along with our much anticipated text report by our reporter Samack. He´s currently writing with glowing pens (or smoking keyboard) so stay tuned for more exclusive reports from Hammersonic 2016. Share the links like the plague! On a second thought, maybe you wouldn’t actually share the plague if you would have it, unless you´re an asshole that wishes to see the end of mankind, but you get the point. Just share it…..