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The Team



The Metal Rebel is not my given birth name, my name is John Resborn. In case anybody was wondering. Swedish metal fan, photographer, author and also the Editor (sounds cool, ey!) of TMR.

Man Jasad

Advisor / Sergeant at arms

Mr Man Jasad needs to further introduction, he´s the vocalist of legendary Indonesian brutal death metal heroes Jasad. And a partner in crime of TMR.


Contributing Writer

Rebel Systir AKA Jackie. A British metalhead, adventurer and educator headbanging away in the fiery belly that is Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam. Can't live without tea, my motorbike, Therion, Woods of Ypres and cider.

Ken Terror

Contributing Writer / Artwork

Info about Ken Terror

Samack Samakk

Contributor Writer

Contributor writer & reporter for TMR. A metalhead that loves Liverpool FC, beer & The Simpsons. Favourite metal heroes are Metallica & Slayer. Period. Still alive and well in Malang, Indonesia