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Singaporean upcoming hardcore/metal/punk-ish trio HRVST (short for Harvest) released a 3-track demo of their upcoming EP Lilith!


We get many emails from bands across Asia asking us to promote them on the website, and that makes us so happy, because it means that TMR is relevant and important to the bands. It´s like all the hard work we put into this pays off every time that kind of email drops in. Never stop sending those emails to us, bands in Asia!

When I first had a listen to HRVST ( try to say that fast 3 times ) I instantly felt that its some good sh*t, its not generic or trying to be tough, its from the heart and pissed off. It makes you wanna moshpit and smash chairs around. Good criterias for hardcore / punk. We will make a proper review of this EP in the near future, and until then you should definitely give this awesome band a listen!


We asked the band 3 quick questions, to give you some more information.
1. What are you inspired by, in terms of bands?
– The three of us have different likings and inspirations to music. To sum it up, the 3 bands that greatly influenced us would be The Armed, Converge and Deftones.
2. What are your lyrics about?
– We don’t have any particular meaning to the things we write, we just write based on how we feel at that certain point of time in regards to what’s affecting us most as individuals in our daily lives.
3. When is the 6 track EP coming out?
– We are planning to release it by the end of June 2016. It´s called Lilith.

So ladies & Gentlemen, may we present to you – HRVST! Singaporean kick ass groovy- blackened-brutality!

Mel – Vocals/Bass (25years old)

QJ – Drums (25years old)

Jay – Guitars (26years old)

Band’s contact – cleanfreshharvest@gmail.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/harvestdoom/
Twitter – @hrvstdoom