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Malaysian progressive metal maniacs ARTEFACTS released a new video of an old song. Why is that something we have to report? Because the song is killer!

Progressive is a very wide word and can often be used to label a band that play off the beaten track of “death-metal-flatline-sludge-icanttakeitanymoreimgettingschizo-itsoundslikegamelanorgy”. Djent and progressive sometimes also go hand in hand, making it even more labelled as “super technical-forget about understanding the song structures”.

But the “progressive” metal band Artefacts from Malaysia actually pulls of the trick of not sounding too generic and flatlining, so every song kind of melts into each other, and that´s a great achievement in my metal book. Their latest album, in fact their debut album – EXORDIUM – came out some years ago in 2013 so this is kind of old news, but they released a music video of the track “Sanctuary” just some days ago on Youtube, and that´s what this post is actually all about. Artifacts music is super heavy and incredibly tight, and it actually sounds quite melodic and atmospheric from time to time – making the songs stand out even more with their own character.

The band emailed us back in November 2015 asking us to promote their at that time – fresh music video play through of “Forlorn Script”. But due to heavy workload on my part and me becoming a father at that time as well, we were kind of late with this reply. But better late than never and great bands like Artefacts is always current news!

The musicians are super talented and ultra tight, the drummer is probably on soothing rehab after every live session, since the beats and drum patterns are of the kinds that would make Meshuggah proud with a cosy smile up on their djent throne. But it´s not only the drummer that´s sick in terms of talent – check out the play through video of “Forlorn Script” on Youtube, the guitarists are from another world!