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TMR receive emails from bands all over the world almost every week, asking us to highlight their new album, music video or whatever cool stuff they just released. Since TMR have been focusing more on creating our own in-depth content instead of posting shorter news everyday, these submissions hasn’t always been getting the exposure they deserve. That´s gonna end right now.

The Metal Rebel is not my full time job, I´m a freelance photographer trying to make ends meet. Sometimes I simply don’t have time to work with TMR since I´m totally occupied with assignments and if I´m not, then I have to find new ones. The classic freelance dilemma.

Once in a while I browse through my TMR email on a manic hunt for something to publish, and to my horror I realize that sometimes I just fail to read killer submissions from bands across the world. In that way, I kinda suck. But on the other hand, when I do have the time to read them thoroughly, then we help share some of the most awesome upcoming metal to the rest of the world. And that´s kinda great, isn’t it? Hell yes, that f*cking rocks.

In the beginning of TMR I thought that we should share metal news from Asia everyday, both on social media and on the website. I quickly realized that this was very difficult to do, both as a result from the 6 hour time difference between Sweden and for example Indonesia, and also because of the simple fact that it takes so much time. And since TMR is 100 % DIY I cant afford to pay staff members all around Asia to work.

So after some trials and errors I then changed the focus on TMR to create our own exclusive content, with more in-depth features like interviews, scene reports and album reviews. This have been working quite fine, we´ve been able to produce some really appreciated and very shared features from countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia etc. We also produce videos of the metal travels I do in Asia and the TMR Podcast will soon be up and running more frequently, just need to find a smooth process for that.
The only downside to this strategy is that we don’t post as often as I´d wish.

Last year in 2015 TMR also made our first real agency work, helping bringing Indonesian metal titans Jasad & Burgerkill to Europe for the first time in their 20+ years career. We went to Czech Republic, Germany and England and this voyage tour was super important for the Indonesian metal scenes, having their biggest bands finally touring Europe. And now this year 2016 TMR helps bringing the Swedish legendary brutal death metal band Deranged to Indonesia, reversing the metal exchange between the West and the East. This agency type of work is something that I really wish to do more of. I can utilize TMR as the platform to both help bringing the scenes closer and covering these events with high quality articles and videos on our online platform.

TMR also get emails from bands outside of Asia, from Brazil, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany – from all over the metal globe, asking to be highlighted and promoted to the Asian metal scenes with TMR. This is absolutely amazing and that´s why we opened the feature GLOBAL METAL ATTACK earlier this year. But once again, since my vision was to make bigger and more juicy features, far too often several of these killer submissions never got published due to my limited time.

Now after even more trails and errors I realize that I have to change focus of TMR once again, or at least adapt the vision and focus to explore new ways. To try helping more bands getting their awesome music heard by a bigger audience. Learning by doing.
TMR will still focus mainly on the Asian metal scenes, but we will also highlight and promote the bands from the rest of the world that reaches out to us. Since I have booth the tools and the ability to do that, I have to do it. I mean, why the fuck not?

So it´s with great pleasure that TMR premieres the smoking hot new and heavy feature called SUBMISSIONS!
Submissions is as simple as it sounds, bands submit their news and we post it online. I know that other metal media like the absolutely awesome UNITE ASIA have been doing similar promoting of bands for quite some time now, focusing on Asian metal with submitted news. And they do it really well. Now TMR give bands from Asia and the rest of the world even more channels to reach out to the metal masses.

The feature SUBMISSIONS will consist of the information that bands send us via the SUBMIT NEWS section on the website, they will be shorter and not curated features exclusive to TMR – like our own TMR FEATURES – but more frequent.

This way TMR can continue promoting so many bands in Asia and across the world more frequently, and that makes me very happy in my metal heart. Now, head over to Submissions and the very first band to get highlighted with their submitted news – BROTHERS TILL WE DIE from Madrid, Spain!