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Maticrust is a grindcore band from The Philippines who are currently grinding the shit out of UAE. This summer they will represent at Czech grind festival Obscene Extreme and they just teased a new single from the studio.

United Arab Emirates is perhaps not super famous for it´s grindcore scenes, so I´m not surprised that Maticrust is from Southeast Asia – the new frontier of underground metal, hardcore, punk, crust and whatever aggressive distorted music!

Last year TMR helped the Indonesian legends in brutal death metal band JASAD on their virgin tour to Europe and they totally crushed and conquered Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech, and I´m confident that Maticrust will keep that tradition – showing the freaky fans in Europe what Filipino grind is all about. It will most likely be a very painful and unhealthy moshpit. A little head´s up to the band – don´t drink that freaky green stuff they sell in the booths before you play. Do it after to celebrate the victorious show. It´s voodoo stuff. No it´s not actually, it´s green Absinthe. Which is a great way to get your freak on.
Anyway – the band is currently preparing this world domination project by hammering down new tunes in the studio for their upcoming EP “Inhumane World Deprivation”, they just teased a new yet unnamed track on YouTube.
Can´t wait for this ear rape, and I wish I could join them in OEF to see the mayhem break loose. Even if TMR is not physically at OEF, Maticrust will share a “tour diary” from their first visit to Europe for all you Metal Rebels and guess where you´ll find it? Hells to the yes – here at the all new smoking hot TMR website!


maticrust at OEF