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TMR get´s so many emails from bands across the world, asking us to feature them on our website. That´s truly awesome and inspiring.

So it feels kinda stupid then to say ” no sorry man, we´re only focusing on Asian metal bands!” instead of helping the bands and being super grateful that they found TMR and reached out. TMR is all about promoting great bands, and upcoming bands looking for a platform to reach out.

So, therefore we will highlight some of the bands that contacts us, to further establishing the “Gates of Metal” between The East and The West. Kinda like a bridge. Or gates, I don’t know – what sounds coolest?

Anyway, have a listen to KILL THE KONG ( why do they hate KING KONG?) and their track THE CREATURE, if you´re fans of The Haunted and that kind of death metal then you´ll most likely circle pit in your homes to this one. Kill The Kong sent a super cool press-kit to TMR, a red-ish envelope with a tuft of hair from King Kong glued to the front, and iside there was a USB-stick with the band´s logo and it was filled with promo songs and really useful band info. An EPK to die for, and obviously King Kong did.

TMR will for sure make a review of these monkey killing metal maniacs from Sweden, stay tuned for more!