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It seems like Indonesia just can’t stop producing kick ass hardcore bands. KDRT is a new proof of that.

It´s like there is a factory where robots are working around the clock to push out super great bands to join the already huge army of Indonesian hardcore.

KDRT Mosh Crew

KDRT Mosh Crew

And one of the latest additions is a band called K.D.R.T, short for KNIGHT-DANGEROUS-REBELLIOUS-TRUCULENT, hailing from Gubug Indonesia. The band was formed in 2012 and according to their Facebook page info, the band is inspired by Sepulture, Nasty, Hatebreed, Sick of It All, Hatebreed etc.

KDRT released a single from their upcoming debutalbum LIFE IS STRUGGLE that they were kind enough to send to TMR and since we love to promote great upcoming bands, thats what we´ll do! We share that track hoping to be responsible for any circle pit-damages to your living room . I think the track is a form of edgy hardcore with more metal vocals and riffing than NY hardcore style, but the hardcore is absolutely present and I´m sure KDRT will please everyone who´s into hardcore with a touch of metal.

Looking forward to the full debut album, can’t wait to review that little monster here!