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Did you survive this year´s blasting Hammersonic Festival? TMR sure did and our photographer Hendisgorge captured the action so we can share it with all you Metal Rebels out there!

Today we share the first part all the nearly 200 kick ass pictures from Hammersonic Festival 2016, taken by our talented and not-afraid-of-getting-in-the-moshpit photographer Hendisgorge.
The next part will hit you in the face soon and the last one will come when we publish our smoking hot review of the biggest international metal festival in Indonesia. So enjoy re-living all the fun and freakiness of Hammersonic, and for all of you who weren´t there – this is why you really should go next year!

The fist part is featuring The Extreme Moshpit Stage with smashing performances by Powerpunk, the Extreme Moshpit host´s Eben & Gebeg, Petaka and Turtles Jr.