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Fornicaras from Magelang in Indonesia is an upcoming metalcore band, and they wanted to premiere their new music video “BERSERKER” with TMR – so here we go Metal Rebels, get in the pit!


TMR is very happy & proud to help and support both more established metal bands as well as upcoming, struggling younger bands. We hope that this platform can be a place for bands to reach out to a wider fan base, across the metal world.

This is the “short” version of the song, head over to Fornicaras YouTube channel for the long one, for even more metalcore cinema. I think this video show lots of creativity and a band taking their music seriously, putting in a lot of effort in their works. The music itself I think is heavy, tight and well produced – seems like the guys in Fornicaras genuinely enjoy what they´re doing and don’t play metalcore just to be famous. I wish them all the best and hope to see more from this band – good work guys, and big thanks for choosing The Metal Rebel as your platform!