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Singaporean sludgy hardcore doom metal / blackened crust groove masters HRVST just released their EP entitled “LILITH” and it will absolutely blow your hats off!

Yes it is truly is a long description of that genre, ” sludgy hardcore doom metal / blackened crust groove masters”.
Normally I´m a little against the nervous labeling of bands – but in this case I need all these genres to explain what HRVST is all about. The Metal Rebel made a feature about this super exciting Singaporean trio some months ago, when they released a three track Demo from the upcoming EP “Lilith”. I absolutely loved the demo and after listening a few times to “Lilith” I must say the love persists.



The funny thing about HRVST is that I think they would be appealing to such a big fanbase, since the music is so varied and dynamic. Fans of bands like Totalt Jävla Mörker, Refused, Deftones, Converge, Xibalba, Hatebreed and Norma Jean will all find their dose of fist clenching metal in here.

Check out the smoking new music video of the track “Silver Spoon” in this post and listen to the full album from their band camp page, and above all – go buy your own copy now!