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TMR loves it when bands from all corners of the metal world reaches out to us, asking us to highlight their band on our platform. CRIMENA is certainly a cool mix of East & West – it´s a groove violent death metal band from Romania with an Indonesian vocalist.

The vocalist´s name is Bagus (also meaning “good/great” in Indonesian) and this band is sure as shit great – CRIMENA plays a mix of The Haunted-style groove with aggressive, sharp and melodic death metal riffing, dynamic and moshpit friendly pounding blasts on the drums and a super brutal growl by the Indonesian representative on the vocals.
It´s like if The Haunted, Pantera and Lamb Of God had an orgy and somehow one of them got pregnant, and on the baptism Sepultura walked in and claimed to be the Uncle of the little baby CRIMENA. That´s kind of how it sounds, but with their own personal twist and touch.

The Metal Rebel - Crimena


Anyhow, you should definitely check this out, CRIMENA just launched their first full-length fetus called “CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL” and the whole album can be streamed here and from their Soundcloud! The band also made a kickass music video of the track called “The Bitter Pill” so get your full daily fix of aggressive “don’t-give-fuck-metal” here with CRIMENA – be sure to remove all sharp objects before you circle-pit in your living room.

The album “CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL” is out now, released by The Leaders Records – get it HERE !
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