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Brazilian COLDBLOOD is hellish hot if you ask me. This old school death assault warms my blood like Jaegermeister on a cold winter day.

Coming from Brazil and playing old school death flags my attention straight away, it´s like one of the best combos out there. So when I checked out Coldblood´s new album ” INDESCRIBABLE PHYSIOGNOMY OF THE DEVIL” I expected nothing but total awesomeness. And let´s just say that I wasn’t the least disappointed.

I have many times wondered if the Brazilian DNA is made of pure metal and not organic material. The Godfather of Brazilian death metal Mr Max Cavalera and his brother Iggor should have their DNA frozen and preserved for ever, in case the Brazilian metal scenes would start to suck, they can just open the vault and bring it back to life again.

Good thing then that won’t be necessary, since you have bands like Coldblood marching in the Brazilian front of old school death metal. The march started back in the early 90´s and Coldblood always stayed true to their path. Having only released two full-lengths and some demos in two decades, they made sure that these releases were pure evil.

So it´s no surprise that Coldblood´s latest release “INDESCRIBABLE PHYSIOGNOMY OF THE DEVIL” is brutal as hell. Like a mutated fist that grew legs, running around screaming and beating the shit out of everyone. Like “The Thing” in Adams Family, on steroids and fucking pissed off. Neck-wrecking riffs, demonic solos, hammering drums and menacing vocals – this really is an assault on your mind. For all the 90´s death metal troops out there – drop everything you´re doing and get this album now.
Coldblood – “INDESCRIBABLE PHYSIOGNOMY OF THE DEVIL” is out now via Satanath Records & Metallic Media, buy the album from Satanath Records here.
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