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Bangladesh is maybe not the first place that comes to your mind when thinking about Thrash Metal. So, lesson Nr 1: Think about Bangladesh when you think about Thrash Metal, because this scene is on the rise!

I will tell you guys what I just love being the Editor of TMR. I just love it when bands, labels or promoters contacts me and just hands me the most awesome piece of information. Like in this case. After the much appreciated premiere of the TMR Miniguides ” Bangkok Metalcore” I wasn’t quite sure what to write about next. Hence my joy when PR/Promotional agency Qabar Extreme Music emails me. All of a sudden we have a feature about the Thrash Metal scenes of Bangladesh!

What I just learnt is that the Bangladesh metal scenes have been pretty much dominated by the capitol Dhaka, and now many other cities metal scenes are on the rise for some awesome reason. Apparently there is a city called Sylhet in the North Eastern Bangladesh, who’s metal scenes recently got their shit together.

Thrash metal band PSYCHOTRON has played an important role in both developing and keeping the the city´s metal scene alive and thrashing. With ripping performances both locally as well as representing Sylhet in metal gigs in the capitol Dhaka, Psychotron gains fans by the day. They also represent their city and country in a compilation CD, featuring both Bangladeshi and international bands.

psychotron lethal paralysis bangladesh

Psychotron Lethal Paralysis

So as a prominent force in the underground metal scenes, it came as no surprise that Psychotron just released their debutant EP “Lethal Paralysis” on Sylhet´s very own first metal music record label Mortuary Productions. “Lethal Paralysis” is a 4-track thrash anthem blasting the way for Sylhet´s emerging metal scenes. With a mix of both old school and more modern thrash metal my horns are already in the air after the first track.



If you like what you´re hearing by Psychotron, then stay tuned for more Bangladesh thrash madness, we might have something exclusive for all you Metal Rebels here…